I do love lunchtime kick-offs at the Etihad.  Up at 5am, train across the High Peak from Sheffield (why isn’t their Tap open at 9am ?), too early for breakfast curry at This’n’That, freezing up in Colin Bell Level 3.

At least I had perfect conditions for some early morning exploration along the Medlock Valley. Five points for identifying this pub;


And then you need to go to Stretford for your penultimate “Greater Manchester” GBG tick.


I may be well-travelled, but Bulawayo, Panama and Offerton seemed less of a challenge that Stretford for a bloke in a City scarf on Saturday.

In 30 years of coming up this way, I’ve never been further into Trafford within the M60 than O** T*******, and that was for the cricket of course .

On the Metro (£3.20 from Piccadilly), all the folk seemed to be heading for Sale and Alty…

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